Hi, we are Idorenyin and Thelma Mbang

we co-author the blog and take turns writing or editing stories. We met during our university days, developed a strong friendship and like the stuff of fairy tales, we got married and are living happily ever after.

We are Christian writers, we love to tell stories that draw out lessons from every day life. Our stories, the lessons and principles that we share are deeply rooted in our Christian faith and are intended to help you live life God’s way – as prescribed by the Bible.

If our stories strike a cord with one person, then our day is made.

Life is a journey, it leaves imprints along the way; good, bad and sometimes just plain ugly. As you go through daily life, we would like you to keep your eyes on who you are BEcoming.

We hope you enjoy our post each week, don’t forget to leave a comment, subscribe to read more stories and tell your friends about us.

Here is wishing you the best that life has to offer

~Idorenyin & Thelma Mbang

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