What a captivating title for today’s post, I bet you couldn’t wait to read the juicy details about our dating story. I offer to tell you an even better story.

Whenever you watch a battle scene, the losing side always drops their weapon and raises their hands as an act of surrender. This typically happens when the king or captain is killed in battle. The killing of the King or captain indicates the loss and transfer of authority to the other side. In kneeling, the losing side admits their loss, in other words, the losing side surrenders. In surrender, they give up everything.

When we give our lives to Christ, we surrender to new authority, we give up all. In the words of Jesus…

“Then, calling the crowd to join his disciples, he said, “If any of you wants to be my follower, you must give up your own way, take up your cross, and follow me”. Mark 8:34 NLT

1. The Desire – it starts with an inner conviction, a discomfort, a vacuum in need of filling, some call it a God-sized hole that only saying yes to God can fill up. If you have been there you know, you fill empty, lost and without peace. You have everything and yet feel nothing, you lack nothing yet feel no sense of peace or joy

2. The Search – you start to look for answers everywhere…it is obvious you need a saviour. You encounter the right word, and something in your heart prompts, like an inner witness. You yield and say the words, some call it the sinner’s prayer or the prayer of commitment. You feel a sense of inner peace, you like the feeling and you want more. You wonder now what…

3. The Loss – You hear you have to give up, and you wonder what and how much? In response, you hear everything – your own way. That feels like a huge prize to pay but you remember how you felt when you said yes.

4. The cross + road – Now you are not sure, you know that you want this but you also want that. All of Him or all of me, All for Him or All for me, it is one or the other. You hear it so clearly that if you want to walk down this road, it has to be All of Him and none of you. You wonder what the road ahead with look like, in response and with a smile, He says ‘bumpy but I’ve got you, teary but I’ve got you, persecuted but I’ve got you, mocked but I’ve got you, stoned but I’ve got you, joyous and I still got you’. That was not the description you imagine – what a cross and what a road but you gained comfort knowing ‘He will never leave you or forsake you’.

5. The Decision – you know you have to choose between this (the new life) and that(the old man), so you wonder what’s in it for you. He promises joy unspeakable, his presence here on earth and in the life after. You like the sound of that!

6. Surrender – You say ‘Yes’ as a sign of surrender – then you follow wherever He leads…

You too can say Yes to whatever God is calling you to, it could be a fresh start with Him, a recommitment or a deeper walk. We find true meaning in life by saying Yes to God every day and walking down the path that He leads.

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