During a recent road trip, we had the kids watching the movie  ‘Home Alone’ at the back of the car. The movie was our way of connecting them to our childhood. In the movie, a family was headed out for the Christmas holiday; a late alarm and everyone was in such a hurry that they forgot one child, imagine that!

The young Kevin woke up to an empty house, he was so overjoyed by the freedom to eat whatever he liked, watch whatever he liked and do whatever he liked, that he exclaimed, ‘I made my family disappear’! If you watched the movie, you will recall those lines very vividly. The joys of his freedom were cut short when he observed some funny characters lurking around his neighbourhood hoping to get a steal from the now empty homes.

Kevin swung into action in a bid to defend his territory. Kevin had one thing going for him that the robbers didn’t. He knew his house very well, every corner and turn, after all, he played hide and seek there with his older siblings. His strategy was rooted in his knowledge of his territory, his tools for engagement and the simple awareness that he knew something the robbers didn’t know.

Kevin had home advantage and so do you. Our lives are not too different from the script of this movie. The enemy is always looking for an entry point, always plotting a takedown.

Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.
I Peter 5:8 NKJV

But…….here is a list of what we have going for us as believers…

• We have the Holy Spirit who tells us what to do and where to turn.

• We have the Bible, God’s blueprint for our lives

• We have the name of Jesus so powerful that every knee bows at the mention of it

• We have the blood of Jesus that speaks for the atonement of our sins

• We have Jesus, our high priest who can relate to everything we go through and intercedes on our behalf continuously before our Father

• We have a cloud of witnesses who have gone before us and are cheering us on

• We have a record of testimonies in time past that remind us of God’s faithfulness and goodness

• We have a community of believers who stand with us in prayers

• We have a hope that in this world and the world after Jesus is Lord

• We know the final verdict – in the end, game Jesus wins

If Kevin was alone and had home advantage, think of what we have as believers. We are never alone because Jesus promised to never leave us or forsake us, and if God is with us, NOTHING can come against us.

Let this knowledge propel and give you confidence. We are more than conquerors because we always have home advantage.

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