The Marriage Walk

The votes are in! and we have more votes in favour of marriage.

So for the next few weeks, we are happy to invite you to join us on “The Marriage Walk”.

Today, we will be doing a “Meet the Mbangs” write up as an introduction to the series. We will share a little bit about ourselves and why the subject of marriage has a special place in our hearts. Grab some popcorn and enjoy the read!

Marriage is a subject that we have spent a lot of our time talking about, we make these time investments because we believe in the principle and validity of the institution of marriage, especially the way God had it planned from the beginning. We have witnessed the joys of marriages that are working and the sadness that comes when there is a deviation. We believe that as we embark on this journey together, we will learn from God’s word and our unique experiences.

If you are reading our blog for the first time, we will start with a quick introduction. Throughout this series, you will be reading from Idorenyin and Thelma Mbang. We co-author the blog and take turns writing or editing stories. We met during our university days, developed a strong friendship and like the stuff of fairy tales, we got married and lived happily ever after. This year, we will celebrate 12 years of marriage and almost 20 years of friendship…. we look forward to sharing many stories and lessons with you

Disclaimer: We are Christian writers, so our stories and the lessons that we share are deeply rooted in our Christian faith. The principles that we share will help couples and intending couples who want to approach marriage God’s way – as prescribed by the Bible.

Early Influences

As a young girl in my teens, I watched my parents’ counsel new couples, encourage older ones, settle quarrels and even fights. As I peeped through the keyhole that gave me a blurred view of the sitting room (bad behaviour I know but I couldn’t resist feeding my curious ears), it was not difficult to fill in the gaps, tears were shed, insults exchanged, and tempers flared. My dear parents watched, talked, and prayed with each couple. Some lived happily ever after, others could not take it anymore and went their separate ways. I found myself wanting to become a Marriage Counsellor, but I thought to myself, who will listen to a teenager.

I also watched my parents navigate their unique challenges, just like every marriage, they had happy, sad, and angry days. In my humble and unbiased opinion, I will say they have a great marriage, not because it was devoid of troubles but because they went through all the storms head-on, they had the maturity to set aside their differences when another marriage needed their help and they resolved issues that arose within their marriage sometimes quickly and at other times, at snail speed. I watched closely and I learnt from them.


While growing up, I lived with a family and I was often woken up as early as 5 am by the sound of their laughter and inaudible chats. It became a ritual that I grew to expect every morning. It was clear that even in their 60s, they shared a friendship that they both enjoyed.

My dad also shared a story with me about a couple who lived in the same house but slept in separate bedrooms and hadn’t spoken to each other for many years. They lived together to “save face”.

These two stories show the extremes that are possible. I chose to chart the path that looks more like the early morning lovebirds.


We came into our marriage with these influences and decided early, which ones will come to define our own home. We made some early notes to ourselves and agreed that with the right level of commitment to the relationship,

[  ]  It is possible to be happily married and enjoy a friendship that is exciting and evergreen
[  ]  It is possible to keep disagreement contained and not need the intervention of third parties
[  ]  It is possible to head in the direction of forever if you do it the way God says it should be done and surround yourself with people who believe and act the same way.

Welcome to the “The Marriage Walk”

Idorenyin & Thelma


  • Omolola Oni

    Lovely series . I am doing a catch up.

  • Oryiman

    Nice. I’m on the front seat; Popcorn and whisky…sorry, orange juice in hand already 😁

  • Faith Patrick

    I’m glad it’s possible to get it right🥰

  • Great start for a great series! Thanks for sharing.
    As I read this sentence: “ It is possible to keep disagreement contained and not need the intervention of third parties” … I hear my late Dad’s words of advice – “the third person will always bring trouble, never bring the third person into your marriage”.
    So true in all relationships. So when we got married we held on to God as the the third cord in our Union. We founded our relationship on Him alone and go to Him for resolution when there are misunderstandings. He makes up the strength we need to survive any challenge for He completes us as we read “Though one may be overpowered by another, two can withstand him. And a threefold cord is not quickly broken.”
    ‭‭Ecclesiastes‬ ‭4:12‬ ‭NKJV‬‬

  • Vincent Okolosi

    Great start on this series..Important lessons learnt already. looking forward to the rest of the series!

    Thank you Sir/Ma.


    Finally, 🤵‍♂️👰 series has commenced. We 🙏 in sincerity that our 👀, 👂and ❤ be receptive. Give us profound clarity and bless L&B who you keep using as mediums and instruments unto honor in Jesus Mighty Name. More wisdom and grace as you bless our homes with “The Marriage Walk” series.

    Happy new month Fam!

  • Dr Walter Ajogbor

    Vintage IdoSim. An interesting start. Keep them coming. More grace. Kudos.

  • Affiong John Abakasanga

    Excellent take off. Let the marriage walk begin!
    Thank you my Pastors and have a lovely weekend.

  • Grace Dickson

    Really really looking forward to a walk through this series.

  • Ada

    Lovely 😊 enjoying this series already.

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