One of my fondest memories from secondary (high) school is the story of ‘the list’. Back then in boarding school, we had these demi-gods, they called themselves class or school prefects and they milked the authority that was given to them. They were always on the lookout for offenders of all sorts, they wrote down names of everyone who mutter any sound at study time.  At the end of the school week, the list is read and punishment served out. On this particular Friday, it seemed my friend won the award for noisemaking as she managed to make it onto about ten different lists and had to serve on ten different punishment sites doing everything from sweeping classrooms, washing dishes, mowing lawns, picking up litter, all in one day. We had a good laugh about it and split ourselves to help out in solidarity with our dear friend.

Proverbs 17 vs 27 – 28 says, ‘There is a time to be quiet and a wise person knows that time’. It seems we all missed that lesson in secondary school and had to pay for it each time our names made it to the list for talking at the wrong time.

A lot of times, we get uncomfortable when our environment is quiet. We take it upon ourselves to say something that breaks the silence. Quietness is good and the book of Proverbs encourages us to resist the urge to fill in the gaps of silence with noise. Instead, we should treasure moments of silence. King David recounts being led beside still waters in Ps 23. Stillwaters represents moments of silence when we can hear God speak so clearly.

It is easier for God to speak when He doesn’t have to yell Shut up! to get our attention. It is easier for our voice to be heard and adhered to when we are not always saying something – mostly noise. People struggle to take perceived noisemakers seriously – in fact, they don’t listen to most of what you say even when you have something worth listening to.

If God has something to say to you, you need to be quiet to hear Him. If God has something to say through you, you need to be quieter, so when you speak, people listen.

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  • Joshua Esio

    It’s often said, you only repeat what you already know when you talk but, can learn what you never knew when you listen. This statement is true but, our desire to show supremacy of knowledge often rubbed us of this great opportunity to learn.

    Thank you for the reminder, PST Idoroenyin and Thelma.

  • Affiong John Abakasanga

    Inspiring and captivating. Thanks my Pastors.

  • Ada

    Love this! We all need that moment of stillness to enable effective listening. Many times, our lives are just too noisy/busy for us to hear God speak.

  • Anita Udom

    Great piece and apt, it’s important to know when to keep silence but unfortunately there are a lot of distractions around us even when we try to stay quiet sometimes, our gadgets being a number one distractor wouldn’t let that happen. May God help us all. Thanks once again

  • Glogee

    Thanks for another beautiful piece. Took me back memory lane,all the primary and boarding school pranks to get oneself out of the noisemakers list.
    For me, my take is this to know when to be silent in the amidst all the noisy storms of life and not keep a list of all what’s not going on well in our lives. Stop talking and moaning and listen more to what God is saying.
    God bless you T&ID for all the issues you handle that’s worth learning from.


    I really love this read on “Stillwaters”! It is quite profound and timely. Silence is golden and echoes louder than an avalanche. It speaks volumes about your character and person. The trick is mastering the art of being still and silent. It definitely takes time. Over the years, I have seen the benefit of being still and silent. There is a sense of calm and inner peace you feel when you jut stay calm and silent while you watch things unfold. In this journey called life, the aforementioned are qualities worth possessing. While you allow God guide and lead you. May we learn to hold our peace, be still as the waters and be silent in order to create an atmosphere where God, love and light can live.

    Thanks L&B for the reawakening!

  • Mirian Alex

    I really love this. Thanks Mum&Dad……..It is not always easy to keep shut, especially when you feel like you need to be heard but the truth is that most times, our silence is loud enough for us to be heard.
    *You become very dangerous when you manage and master your emotions.
    *Silence is a necessity for effective listening and in our work with God and man, we need it.

  • DianaAbasi

    Nice one

  • Aduduabasi Ette Michael

    Human nature always seeks to be noticed. We can notice this all around us; it is only natural to project our strengths and covering for the weakness. Making noise, showing off, making a statement keeps us from connecting within and hearing GOD. The more we try to stand out, outside GOD’S will, we get in trouble. List of noise maker, list of rough students( usually full during break time), and list of dirty uniforms. The list goes on.
    Silence most times makes us uncomfortable—can mean more purposeful living. It can increase self-awareness, self-compassion and improve decision-making skills with improved mental clarity.
    Jesus rebuked the storm—in other words, He told it to calm down in much the same way that a teacher might tell a classroom full of unruly students to calm down. Students need the silence to listen and learn from teachers.
    The benefit  of a noise free environment are quite surprising.
    1. Noise affects our stress levels by raising cortisol and adrenaline. Silence does the reverse.
    2. Silence has been found to stimulate brain growth.
    3. “The soul always knows what to do to heal itself. The challenge is to silence the mind.” —Caroline Myss. 

    This write up is really great and a vivid reminder that we need to make silence a routine in our day to day life’s to hear and get GOD given directions through life.

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