We are still on this wisdom matter, we hope that everyone who reads our blog this season begins to approach life a little differently.

According to the words of Proverbs, wisdom is actively looking for following, likes and tags; begging to be used and referenced.

One area that the book of Proverbs seems to over-flog is the subject of sexual immorality, promiscuity and all related vices. As I read through the chapters, I was beginning to yawn dreading the next verse with a warning about ‘the dangers of a strange woman’. I muttered ‘not again’ and then it hit me why there is so much emphasis and still so many offenders.

My pen began to write…..

It is amazing how much time has been spent on instilling wisdom and warning about the subject of immorality.

I am tempted to gloss over but reminded that many have strayed away from the faith because of ‘It’, many families have been disrupted because of ‘It’, many have lost their lives because of ‘It’. News stories tell of men and women caught short in their prime because of ‘It’. Even the pulpit is not spared, callings lost and crowns surrendered at the feet of “It’.

I remember the story of Joseph and Potiphar’s wife. Joseph ran, in fact, he fled. Joseph was a wise man, he saw into the future and knew exactly what to do.

The Bible warns that ‘let anyone who thinks they stand, take heed lest they fall’.
I Corinthians 10:12 NKJV

It is a simple warning that we should not lose our guard or think that scriptures with warnings are for others, not us. When something is repeated over and over in a book written by the wisest man with a special type of history with the subject matter, it is for emphasis. It was probably his way of saying to us, ‘I have been there, done that and it didn’t pay’.

So let us hold the warnings and words in Proverbs to heart. They keep us aware of the dangers that lurk in the day and night, reminding us to guard our hearts, eyes, ears and steps.

As believers, we also have a duty of care to those around us – we can each make one simple adjustment in our lives to help ourselves and others stay on the straight and narrow path.

Next time you find yourself on the path leading to ‘it’, be wise and flee as Joseph did.

Let those with ears listen and heed these words. Selah

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  • Affiong John Abakasanga

    2 things I have learnt from this article are:
    1. I must personalized every word of God that I read on a daily basis.
    Thank you my Pastors, happy weekend, and God bless you always.

  • MGC

    Thank you for Blessing me with these wise words today!


    Worth the Find III was definitely worth the read. Thanks L&B for this timely wtite-up. As a reminder, while guarding your heart with all diligence and taking heed lest you fall. Do keep in mind that you need to constantly ask The GOD of Wisdom for the spirit of discernment and sensitivity when it comes to relating with people. Also when trying to help others stand strong and straight in their faith, make sure you are not easily sidetracked. Stay on your lane. Make sure you are strong enough not to be easily swayed or influenced by the antics and vices of others. Stay on course. Don’t stray off the path. If you don’t have the grace to guide, then hand them over to someone who can. Some have fallen along the way in an attempt to save a life and help another.

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