How to End 2020 Strong (Finance Edition)

Before the pandemic, going to the movie theatre was one of my favourite things to do! There’s something about being in a dark room in front of a big, loud, screen, watching the journey of a lovable character unfold. I enjoy everything about being in a movie theatre – the stories, the special effects, the soundtrack, and of course the snacks. Extra butter on that popcorn please!

Something I particularly enjoy doing after leaving the theatre with a companion is walking out still high on all the action and drama, and asking them… “So what did you think?!” We usually end up discussing the movie’s twists and turns all the way home.

The year 2020 has played out like something out of Hollywood, hasn’t it? Mystery viruses causing a global pandemic, leading to world-wide panic, lockdowns and economic crashes to say the least!

But just like any movie, the ending is what makes or breaks the entire plot. The good news is that unlike Hollywood, we actually have some control over how the story of our 2020 will end. Yes, even when it comes to our money.

So, in this post I would like to share 5 Ways to End 2020 Strong financially!

  1. Replace all negative thoughts with positive ones

I often hear people say things like: Throw out 2020, Cancel 2020. I’m not exactly sure how you throw out a whole year, but that’s besides the point! Don’t allow nihilistic thoughts like these to settle in your mind. For better or worse, thoughts will determine the decisions you make the rest of this year. So if you think 2020 is a piece of trash that deserves to be thrown out, then that’s exactly what it will turn out to be.

If you have already settled on this way of thinking, please suppress these negative thoughts by saying positive affirmations out loud such as, “I will make the most of what’s left of 2020” and “I will set new goals and accomplish them.”

  1. Pick ONE financial goal

In order to set yourself up for a glorious 2020 finale, avoid stretching your focus over too many ambitions. Pick ONE financial goal you would like to accomplish, and put your energy towards that. Now is not the time to save for a mortgage down payment AND buy a car AND pay off all your loans

Pick one goal that will mean the most to you. Write it down, be as specific as possible, and give it a deadline (e.g. I will save $5,000 by December 15th 2020). I recommend doing this thoughtfully and prayerfully so that your goals are aligned with God’s purpose for you and the rest of your year.

Although your ONE goal should be challenging enough, make sure it is also realistic based on your circumstances. This will prevent the feeling of disappointment once the curtains are drawn at the end of 2020.

If you have the capacity, any extra goals you accomplish beyond this single one will just be the cherry on top of the cake!

  1. Many small steps = One big leap

I previously mentioned that your ONE goal should be challenging. However, it is human nature to lose motivation from time-to-time when working towards anything worthwhile.

The best way around this motivation hurdle is to break big goals into smaller milestones, making sure to celebrate each small milestone along the way. 

Believe me, this little celebration, even something as simple as getting up and dancing for one minute (my favourite form of celebration), will go a long way to keep you motivated until the next small milestone!

  1. Establish a Plan

Now that you have the ONE goal broken into smaller milestones, how are you actually going to make it happen? You will need an actionable, written plan

Do you need to negotiate a higher bonus based on your performance? (Yes, bonuses and raises are STILL happening this year).

Do you need to take one or two extra clients to make your goal achievable? 

Can you bump up your household savings rate by cutting out unnecessary expenses?

Listing out your plan and placing it somewhere visible will prompt you to take the steps required to make your goals a reality.

  1. Share the goal with someone who will support you and keep you accountable

Be careful who you discuss your goals with! Please don’t discuss your goals with that one person whose approval you are always seeking. They are the same ones who will be the first to poke holes in your ideas and plans. 

You know who I’m talking about! 

One positive thing about the pandemic is it has forced people to seek community online. Social media spaces like Facebook groups have quickly become a source of accountability when used appropriately. 

That’s it! These are the 5 steps I recommend if you are looking for a strong ending to your 2020!

I want you to imagine December 31st 2020 and the joy you will feel because you accomplished the goal that you set TODAY. Can you see the box office headlines already?

“Your 2020: A year deserving of accolades, ovations and awards!”

The End

Today’s post is a Guest Feature by Yewande Fadojutimi. Yewande (Yeye) is an ER Doctor, Blogger and the founder of ‘Her Wealth Grows’, a platform that she uses to educate and empower women to make better financial choices. She loves God, loves to sing and travel. Yewande is married to Korede and they have two lovely children. You can follow her on for more content on personal finances.

Thank you Yewande for sharing your thoughts with us on Personal Finance, God bless you.

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Have a great day!


  • Ifiok

    This is just what I needed to inspire me to do the little I can and not go for that which is out of my reach. Thank you.

    • I’m so glad you’ve been inspired. And by God’s grace all your little accomplishments will add up to make large ones.

  • Ada

    I am reminded again to speak things not as they are but as I want them to be. My thoughts and tongue are powerful in shaping the kind of year 2020 is going to be for me.

    Thanks for a beautiful feature

    • Yup. Your words so powerful. I’m wishing you all the best for the end of 2020!

  • Anita Udom

    This post is just a confirmation to the word of knowledge spoken before the locked down, indeed “better is the end of a thing than its beginning thereof” I’m motivated and encouraged to keep hope alive.

    • I’m so glad you are encouraged. God is faithful and will keep to His word!

  • Folasade Johnson

    Hmnn… 2020, what a year. I’m encouraged to acquire a skill and make 2020 count. Thanks a bunch for the writeup. Pls post more on these things… Phil 4:8

    • Acquiring a new skill sounds like an awesome way to make 2020 count! You are most welcome.

  • Abiola Ighalo

    This write up has given me a reassurance that truly better is the end of a thing…despite all the situations around me I’ll hold unto His promises and keep working and trusting….”for His thought for me are of good and not evil to give me an expected end”

    Thank you. God bless you indeed.

    • I’m so glad you have been reassured through this! Amen and God bless you too.

  • manfredudoh

    Thank you so much Ma’am.

    • You are very welcome. It was my pleasure.

  • jossylink

    Sometimes we’re carried away by our inability to achieve those big goals we set for the year, forgetting about some important goals that doesn’t require millions yet, can be fulfilling if achieved.
    LifeandBecoming has always been a place of self realisation and truths to Self.
    I have learnt a lot from this.
    Thank you!

    • Yes! Often we focus on the destination and miss out on the beauty of the journey itself. Thank you for highlighting this.

  • Ajah George

    Thank you for making us know that despite the challenges of this year 2020 we can still achieve our goals if only we remain positive. God bless you all for this wonderful piece.

    • Amen. Thank you and God bless you too!


    After reading in between the lines, I felt so encouraged and strengthened like nothing negative happened to me this year. Loosing my mum, then the mysterious virus, and then I lost my job due to downsizing and increase in prices of things is enough to make me pass out. I thank God for Life and becoming posts because they remind me of God’s promises and plans for my life. With this post, I am excited about ending my 2020 in a grand style with due diligence to all the FINANCIAL TEACHINGS ON LIFE AND BECOMING PLATFORM. Thank you so much my Pastors and remain blessed always.

    • Looks like you have had a different kind of year. Sorry about the loss of your mom. We pray that God will heal every pain, restore to you everything you have lost this year and give you peace in the midst of the storm.

    • So sorry for the loss of your mum. As well as the other challenges you’ve faced so far. I pray God continues to give you all the comfort you need to end 2020 in grand style!

  • Uduak Akpan

    “Better is the end of a thing than the beginning thereof”. While the economic hurdles appear to be many, especially for those in my neighbourhood, with a government even trying to strangle the banking sector, this piece is upbeat and a reminder that we can beat the odds against us even in the most difficult times. And like Charles Dickens said, “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times… “. Go figure. Take action with eyes lit up with faith that impossible is nothing with God’s help.

    • With God’s help nothing is impossible! SO true. I’m glad you found hope from this, even in the midst of challenging circumstances. Take care. Yeye.

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