As I sat in front of the Bank looking out of the window, I saw a gentleman (maybe not so gentle) bend over and pick up something on the floor. Oh my! he didn’t just do that, I said to myself but no it wasn’t my mind playing games on me. He just picked up a stick of leftover cigarette on the floor and put it straight into his mouth. There is no better way to paint a picture of addiction.

The thing about addiction is that it always starts with a simple thought that lingers. Everyday, millions of ideas filter through our heads, just like seeds, the ones that we water take roots, germinate and grow. The good thoughts bear good fruits and the bad ones bear bad fruits or become like weeds choking out everything good.

Anything that you lose control over, begins to control you and can slowly become an addiction. Wine, Drugs, Social media, Gambling, Pornography and the list goes on, every man and his idol. Some addictions are deadly and can cost you your life.

The Addicted, daily giving away their power and ability to make the right choices while the ‘object of affection’ slowly becomes the voice that leads.

Lifestyle is altered with layers of bad decisions creeping in and taking over. The Faced becomes Defaced, Light becomes Darkness, the lines become blurred, once filled with the ‘Spirit’, now drunk in ‘Wine’. They call it a high, what an irony!

Social media almost got me, boy did I run, I knew I had to. It began with the clicks and then endless scrolling, just watching people and things that add no value to me. Everyone looked so beautiful and happy and then at that moment it hit me, no one takes a selfie to capture a bad day. Some posted pictures don’t even tell the full story, fake news you may want to call it. Gullible viewers soak in the beauty and slowly drift into depression as they view themselves through the lens of ‘Social Media The Beautiful‘ and assess themselves as the most miserable of men. If only they knew that their lives were much better.

I ran far away but became a bit active in recent months because of blog duties. I quickly realized that once you click a story, ‘the custodians of cyberspace‘ have a habit of pulling up all related stories available on the internet and dumping it on your feed. I clicked to read the story of the late George Floyd and suddenly my feed is daily flooded with similar stories. I kept clicking until one night I felt strongly in my spirit that each click was a seed and I needed to be careful not to fuel the root of bitterness. I knew that voice, ‘The Spirit of Truth’.

Too much of anything is not good for you and with bad habits, their very presence is not good for you at all. The Bible admonishes us to examine ourselves daily to check that our words and actions uphold the values of our Faith. Everyone needs a daily self audit. What is that one thing that you have lost control over, now maybe a good time to break free from strongholds and run for your life. Trust me when I say you will not be missing much. Cut off literally from everything, place or people that pull you towards it. Don’t leave a vacuum, fill that space with a more productive habit and situate yourself in places, with people and things that encourage YOU.

Your life is yours and you only have once to live it, so make that one time count!

Note to Self: Whatever you focus on for too long, you give permission to have power over you. So choose your ‘Influencers‘ wisely.

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As you go through life, keep your eyes on who you are becoming!

Have a great day!


  • “The voice that leads..” that phrase really strikes a chord. What voice leads me? May it always be the Lord’s!

  • dorhue

    A very thoughtful piece. I strongly concur at guarding your heart by limiting your influencers. For a lot of people, comparison is the root of all evil

    • Quite a dangerous road to travel, thank you for your comment.


    Another inspiring story, the Bible says that we should flee every appearance of evil. So running for our lives is in order.
    Talking about the social media, I decide what to do there and when. Self discipline is needed here. I love the caption RUN FOR YOUR LIFE. God’s blessings rest on you my Pastors.

    • I like the word ‘flee’, not just evil, anything that looks like or could easily be seen as evil. Thank-you

  • Ada

    In this day, social media is a big influence that can easily result in addiction. I have learnt to take occasional breaks that help me ‘clear my head’ especially with recent episodes of bad news flooding the the social media space.
    Thanks for another beautiful write up.

    • I have heard it called a Social Media Fast or Detox, discipline is key. Thank you

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