The Brighter Side of Meeting ‘Not So Great People’

At the back-end of most introductions, is the usual phrase ‘Nice to meet you’ that we have grown so accustomed to using. I wonder how many of us wish we could go back in time to retract those words. If you have ever felt that way about someone, you have just helped me define a ‘not so great person’.

At some point in our lives, we have encounters with people that we can only describe with negative words. I had one a few years back when someone I considered a friend openly mocked my lifestyle with a snide remark that proclaimed that I was going to be doomed to a boring existence simply because our idea of fun differed. I recall feeling embarrassed to be called out in front of so many people for no apparent reason. While everyone laughed about it, I withdrew into a shell and disappeared. I have had other encounters that can easily fall anywhere on the spectrum of bad to really bad. In all those encounters, I could trace a similar thread, someone tried to use their words, actions or position to put me down.

In life, you don’t get to choose how you are treated but thankfully when it comes to how you respond, you have the power to exercise your freewill. Each time you choose the right response, which is not what the person expects, you take back your power. I have moved past a few bad encounters, some were easy to let go, others hard, a few are still work in progress. Through these experiences, I learned that the less airtime I gave the person or situation, the easier it was for me to move on and focus on the big plans that God has for me. I also learned to only give room to people or situations that are necessary for the process of my ‘becoming’, because not all life lessons are meant to be learned first-hand.

Even though, I received a public boredom sentence which is mild compared to the acts of bullying and cyberbullying that a lot of people face as they go through life, I can say, boring is unlikely to make the list of words that describe me. The moral of the story – you can rise above the ugliness and evolve into a beautiful soul with a story that contrasts everything that was meant to weigh you down.

I know we can all remember someone who rubbed off on us the wrong way. I like to think that amid bad encounters, lies a sweet learning that only that encounter could bring about. Yes, with all boldness, I can say everybody I have met in life has been a major contributor to who I am. Tough times and the people who present themselves as vessels/enablers in the process have helped me do things differently, shaped my perspective, forced me to take steps that I probably will not have taken if I was surrounded by niceties.

The brighter side of meeting ‘not so great people’ lies in having the right attitude that sees everything life throws at you as something to learn from. If you let the process work on you, you will be a better person as a direct result of each encounter. I told myself early in life that everyone I meet either points me to who I should or should not become. Roy T. Bennett said, “Everyone you meet is a part of your journey, but not all of them are meant to stay in your life. Some people are just passing through to bring you gifts; either they’re blessings or lessons.”

So, when next you use the phrase, ‘Nice to meet you’; mean it with all your heart because everyone you meet has a purpose and place in your life.

Note to Self – In all the places I go and with all the people I meet, even though, I may not always be glad that our paths crossed, I will take the blessing and the lesson.

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Have a great week ahead!


  • Adetayo

    Nice to meet you once again. Great job!

    • Thank you, once you remember why you say that phrase, it helps you value the relationship.

  • When you ask God to make you more patient, He brings people your way to test your patience. When you ask Him to show you how to love, He brings “hard to love” people your way. In every encounter, there’s an opportunity to become more like Him. Even Jesus had Judas in His circle for a reason. Judas sadly didn’t learn the lesson and lost out. It’s my prayer that as we go through life….we keep our eyes on the prize….take the blessings with the lessons….and become more like Him!

    • Interesting perspective on how God helps us build character in the midst of all that we go through. Thank you

  • Glogee

    I sincerely can relate with this wonderful post this weekend. It’s been an opportunity for me to do a quick reflection on some encounters.
    Keep it up and thank you for starting this in the first place.

    • You are welcome, we are glad that this post inspired you to action.


    Profound piece LifeandBecoming… Thank you once again for blessing our hearts with your light.
    Yes, there is always a blessing and lesson from every life experience. In this journey called life, so many will walk in and out of our lives, the only difference is the duration and impact. So before you open the door or window of your heart, use your head and be sensitive and discerning in the spirit, take caution, be intentional and be mindful. Make sure your association add value to your life and there is a return of investment I.e. growth, spiritual upliftment, and they push you one step closer to your God-given vision. Make God give us the wisdom to know the difference and grace to handle everyone we meet accordingly.

    • Thank you for your comment, the ability to discern and understand the purpose for each interaction is very important

  • hbcrispy

    Your story this week is captured in this famed Igbo Proverb. Ama onye ne’ wehu uche njakri ya’luwogu. Mana, ama onye’were uche njakri ya’ ewere ya mara izu.

    Translated: When you mock an unwise man, he quarrels and fights. But, when a wise man is mocked, he learns and become wiser.

    Well done 👍

    • Thank you for this proverb, quite interesting, the wise keep learning…

  • Udy

    With many sad memories of being on the receiving and the ‘not so great people’ equation, it’s the kind of perspective you have shared that helps to mitigate the fear of opening your arms to the next stranger that comes along with a renewed hope that maybe this time the outcome will be different. This is an ongoing challenge because there are a lot of devious people out in the world. On the flip side of this equation and with redemptive reflections over my own past indiscretions, I now consider it my sacred duty to engage with everyone I meet with a wholesome attitude. My proclaimed inner transformation should result in a “nice to meet you” that doesn’t progressively turn to regret.

    • Every friend was once a stranger, may we find grace to recover quickly from hurtful experiences and never stop giving each person the benefit of doubt that they so deserve. Thank you for your comment

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