A New Kind of ‘You’

We all enjoy the new, something about it brings about excitement, especially in the early days. ‘New’ could be a friend, car, house, outfit, job, city, or adventure. All the energy we expend on this new love of ours, you will think it was made in heaven. As you go through life, you will discover that each time you show up at a new school, job, or place, you become an instant trend as the new kid on the block. Some thrills last a long time while some go by in a day.

On this occasion, we were all newly hired filled with all the excitement in the world. It felt like we just hit the jackpot or maybe we actually did. At the back end of a rigorous recruitment process, the phrase ‘you are hired’ usually brings smiles that can only be imagined by the mind’s eyes or captured in a picture perfect moment. Fast forward to Orientation week, we went through company presentations, games, a few laughs, little chats and side bar discussions and some food. In that little room, lifelong friendships and alliances were formed, as destiny forced a convergence of minds and value systems.

Finally, the last Presenter walked in, nicely dressed in his signature three-piece suit, you could tell he was carefully selected to hit the high notes. You can call him the Poster Boy of ‘what good looks like’. Employers like that formula a lot, they tend to show off their best in the hope that the newbies will chart the same path. Of all the things said in the two-day event, all I remember were the few minutes when he said the words, ‘You are your own brand –You Inc’. For me, that was a subtle reminder that you could try to be Me and fall short at it or you can ‘Be You’, the best version of you and do wonders with just the right effort. After all, ‘Nobody can do you like you do you‘.

We all left pretty excited and ready for the journey ahead, each one to their own thing.
I began to chart my own path, with every action, inaction, decision or indecision forming its own tile in the puzzle. It was a different type of story, My Own Story. If I were to paint a picture, some days were bright and yellow like Summer, others were orange and flowery like Spring, a few were cold and dark like Winter and who knows what colour it was in the Fall. Even in the darkest of days, amid the tears and despair, I chose to look up and stay thankful. I met many kinds of people in so many places, so different I could use a different adjective to describe each one. Some encounters pulled me up, others had no effect while a few tried to tear me apart. Each encounter leaving a unique imprint on me, the good I chose to stay and the bad I daily erased.

Everyone needs an anchor, in the words of the Songwriter,

“In every high and stormy gale, my anchor holds within the veil”.

Indeed, ‘On Christ the solid rock I stand because all other ground is sinking sand’. Through all my days on this side of eternity, God’s word has remained my anchor. As I search the scriptures daily, beholding as in a mirror I am being transformed into His image and becoming better at it with each passing day. He says I am fearfully and wonderfully made, the fine art of the most creative of Creatives, with a piece of him in me, stamped fit for purpose. Here for a reason, endowed with the ability to do all things because I have been so enabled. I find meaning in his word as my eyes of understanding are open to see that a man’s worth is not defined by his worldly possessions, the men of timber and calibre that surround his table, the titles he bears, the work of his hands or the Ivy League Schools he attends.

I am Thelma, I am Idorenyin, I am who God says I am, the apple of his eyes; I can do what God says I can – All Things and I can go where he says I go. I have found me!

A new kind of me, beautiful beyond description, totally in control of what moves in and around me. You are changing too because this season, you decided to stop, allow our words sink, and carefully consider how you respond to trends. Now we all know what to say and do when next we hear the words, What’s Trending? Watch out because just like me, you have gained control and in your own way, start to trend.

Have fun shaping your world.

Note to Self: Be Bold, BeYOUtiful, Be a New Kind of You.

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Have a great week ahead!


  • Hilkiah

    I am Hilkiah, I am who God says I am, I can do what God says I can. I have found me!
    Great Reminder.

    Can’t wait for tomorrow’s Episode of life and becoming.

  • Solace


  • Toosh Baba

    “Each encounter leaving a unique imprint on me, the good I chose to stay and the bad I daily erased.” A constant effort of being in CONTROL.
    It also brings to mind a popular quote by Oscar Wilde: “Be Yourself. Everyone else is already taken.” Wonderful read!

  • Nancy Abraham

    “YOU. inc” got to me. I am so glad that the definition of Nancy Abraham does not come from the things and people of the world. The pull to blend and fit in, is always there but there’s a greater force/person who constantly reminds us of who we are in Christ Jesus. Thank you so much for this message. Once again, I commend your writing style. I can relate. God bless You.

    • Thank you very much, we are glad you relate with our post weekly. Keep your eyes on that greater force because that is all that really matters.

  • Dr Walter Ajogbor

    Refreshingly topical and contemporary. You are not a mistake but a solid statement of God’s creative ingenuity. Created perfect for your purpose. You are you. Be you. You are not another. Don’t try to be who you are not. Discover, develop and deploy your original self. Brand, re-brand repackage and market self. Your generation is waiting for your manifestation.

    • The World needs me, the best version of me. Thank you for your comment

  • ini Edinyang

    Nobody can do me like me..God was, is, and will always be intentional about me.I am my own unique person with my unique purpose and path yet, daily changing,becoming and attaining the fullness of the measure and stature of our Lord Jesus Christ..

    Thank you for the reminder!!

    • Thank you for your comment. God is intentional about you and wants you to also be intentional about yourself.

  • Each of us…a masterpiece in His hand…only when we are pliant as He breaks us, shapes and moulds us!

    Another great piece…thanks for being consistently a blessing!

    • Thank you very much, we are glad that you have been blessed by our post.

  • Famous Favour

    God thank for making me to be unique and the power to do all things. To be unique is one thing and to remain unique and maintain the uniqueness Is another thing.

  • Comfort

    A good reminder— I am my own brand. He created me to be me

  • Comfort

    A good reminder— I am my own brand. He created me to be me

  • Ada

    It is interesting how our genes, upbringing, exposure, friendships and all make up who we are. It is interesting how we have different experiences, how everyone’s story is unique and how that uniqueness confers on us a distinct voice.

    I love that God is intentional with His creation and that we are all created for different purposes. I pray never to lose my uniqueness, my distinct voice and the courage to be my own kind of beauty.

    • A distinct voice that is just as powerful as any other if we gain courage to embrace ourselves. Thank you for your comment


    This is so simple yet profound. A new kind of you is a daily process. In life and in the journey of purpose-fulfillment, you have to keep defining and refining. It’s called maturity and growth. It is worth the effort. You are your own kind of beauty.

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