Back in High School, one of my numerous nicknames was ‘Trendy’, so you can say I know a thing or two about trends. Something, someone, some place or some news is always trending. Some trends last a while, others go by so quickly.

Today, amid all that is going on around us, I find it rather interesting that designer face masks seem to be making waves in certain parts of the globe. As I wonder what use the outfit matching mask will have after COVID, I am reminded that trends typically do not last forever because with humans, yesterday’s new is today’s used.

Ankara Face Mask

I remember a time when being a skinny Nigerian girl was not the ‘in thing’; at that time, ‘Big and beautiful’ was the only face of beauty or so we thought. I got teased a lot for my skinny frame and received several ‘you need to gain weight’ lectures from everyone and anyone. My mom even shared her own tales of being told that she will not have babies because her waist was too tiny. Imagine that!

But, all of that changed in one night when a Nigerian girl with a tall and skinny frame was crown ‘Miss World’. In 2001, Agbani’s victory was not just a win for Agbani but a win for all skinny girls who had been subjected to so many laughs. That night, Agbani was trending and a host of slim beauties began to trend too. Interesting how nothing about them changed, just a temporary shift in how we perceived ‘Beauty’.

Agbani Darego (Miss World 2001)

Every story has a moral, in this case I will say, don’t make fun of others when you are trending, don’t feel bad when you are not trending and be careful what trends you follow or choose not to follow. Some trends add value if you catch the profit buzz, others add nothing to you or your immediate environment.

I have seen a few trends in my own lifetime. Once upon a time, cool guys hopped or bounced and all of a sudden teen-aged boys everywhere, were bouncing to an invisible beat. After a while, it faded away, leaving them disfigured and confused about the place of the ‘bounce’ in adulthood. I have also noticed the gradual convergence of the bust and hem lines, someone once said at this rate, all that will be left will be a belt. O how can I forget the dangerous slits in all things dresses and skirts that look like a pathway to where they should not lead. Some days, I feel like I may have just walked into the Garden of Eden. I remember that back in the days, makeup was used for touched up purposes, but now they feel like mask, and the wonderful ‘before and after’ pictures that splash all over the internet feel like you were handed a scam; leaving behind a trail of broken and disappointed hearts. Young boys wearing trousers that sit closer to the knees than the waist. While some even got into trouble because of ‘Bopdaddy’. The list is endless.

While some trends are good, others are just a waste of time and energy and you don’t have to feel out of place if you decide to take a rain-check on them. I will like to invite you to do two quick exercises with me.

Quick Exercise 1 – Find a trend worth following, it must be life giving, value adding and make a visible difference to you and those around you. Something that give you a legacy and leaves a smile on your face at your 85th. COVID-19 has led to an increase in charitable causes, you can hop on that trend and decide to stay on even after the pandemic has become the stuff of history books. What is in it for you? Joy, satisfaction and a blessedness that only givers can feel.

Quick Exercise 2 – Resist the urge to jump out of impulse on the bandwagon of the next feel good trend and gain private victory in self-awareness, discipline and self-control.

Remember trends come and go so quickly but they leave behind different imprints on us all. In the words of William Shakespeare, “Know thyself and to thyself be true”, you are more than a trend and trends should only define you if they are worth following. I hopped on a trend so many years back, this one is tested and trusted and for some reason it has lasted more than two thousand years and counting. We are not called to be conformist blown by every wind of doctrine, we are called to shine the light and lead the way.

Note to Self – When next you search out the words – What’s Trending on the News, Facebook, Instagram, Google, Pinterest, Twitter or Snapchat, look well before you leap.

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Stay safe and have a good week!


  • Kingsley Effiong

    Lol… This really cracked me up and it’s also educating!!! But then, how do one handle parents, guardians or older people who see trends as rather a negative influencer. I remember growing up, my parents would never want to hear me say anything about what’s trending, the next thing I’ll hear is, ‘that’s all you know’ in fact back then the use of facebook was seen as being unserious with your life.. indeed yesterday’s new is today’s used

    • As a child and now a Parent, I can say Parents and guardians respond to your response to trends.

      Parents are like hawks watching against distractions, so if you can demonstrate excellence in the areas that make them happy, they tend to only bother if they misunderstand the trend or perceive it as bad.

  • Irene Ajogbor

    Worth the read and well-received!

  • Farouq

    Thanks for sharing. Good read.

  • Anita Udom

    Nice one

  • EMEM

    Extremely wonderful

  • Rin Temlong

    Beautiful piece.

  • Biodun

    Time is a factor of ALL Trends, what gives a lasting memory is it value, purpose and impact.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts

    • Value, Purpose and Impact…keywords. Thank you for your comment.

  • Ada

    I have never been one of the ‘on-trend girls’ but reading this article is causing me to reconsider my stance on not following trends. I am learning that trends can be good and I just need to critically define how they impact my life before I follow them.
    Thank you for another beautiful write-up.

    • Some trends are worth considering if they add value. Thank you for your comment.

  • Ima ima

    Hmmm. It’s a good reminder Of The big “bongo and sica” Trousers/pants and long bold shoes that made waves back in The 70s.
    More importantly to me, I wonder how Trendy one will ever be without life with Christ Jesus!

    • Exactly, Team Jesus is the coolest place to me. I will choose it anyday and anytime.

  • Aduduabasi Ette Michael

    “Trends” is something one should admire but not hold on to passionately. It comes and goes. Great job on this write up because its a reminder for one to focus on permanent needful things.

    • Look and keep moving is all that is required for some trends…Thank you for the comments

  • Dr Walter Ajogbor

    You are right. No controversy on your postulations on trends and trendings. Like fashion trend is a fad or a mirage. It goes out of circulation as fast as it appears. A must read. Kudos for this refreshing edition.

    • Indeed, when you try to get on the train, another edition is released. Thank you for your comment

  • uduakdaisyluke

    Amazing read.

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