Recently I listened to the song “Ancient words” by The Acappella Company, and these lines jumped out at me:

“Words of life, Words of hope, give us strength, help us cope. In this world, where-e ér we roam, ancient words will guide us home.”

‘Ancient Words will guide us home’ hmm! Home, a place of rest from the day’s struggle. A place of peace, where you are truly in charge as you control the temperature, pace and mood around you. A place where you love and feel loved. Some call it ‘the happy place’, it provides a shield from all gloom around you.

I remember a family trip to France a few years ago. We searched for a hotel close to the airport for our return trip and found one with a great deal. By now, you all know that we like great deals. Unknown to us, the hotel was in a little village on the outskirts of Paris, which we eventually didn’t mind, it was only about ten minutes to the airport. We checked in and decided to go on a quick ride to a nearby shopping center. The hotel ordered a cab and we were on our way for an adventure, literally. We walked around the shopping center and picked a few things and decided to head back to the hotel. And then, we discovered we had entered “one chance”* when it was impossible to find a cab or anyone willing to communicate with us in English, turns out English was a scarce commodity in this small community. We eventually found someone who muttered the words “no taxi here, small town”. Without being able to effectively communicate, only one option stared at us in the face. Walk!

With our daughter strapped in a stroller, we set out on a long walk to freedom, after all, it was just an 8 minutes drive. Should we turn right or left we wondered and one hour later, it became obvious that we were lost. At first, we were afraid to ask for directions so we don’t get kidnapped but as we began to hit the two hour mark still roaming, we figured the worst had already happened. So, we asked a few people for directions but with no common lingua, communication was impossible. Just then, we noticed a Signpost that we had seen from the hotel lobby. That signpost gave us hope that home was close by if we just kept our eyes on the mark. Wherever we turned, our eyes were fixed on that sign. As long as we were seeing the sign, we knew that home was around the corner. After about 4 hours of roaming, twists and turns, we arrived at the hotel. Tired and drained, we were glad that we were home and even more grateful for the sign.

Everyone needs a compass and a guide. You may wonder why we need a guide back home, is it really possible to forget our way home even in familiar territory? I guess it is because most times, we roam and wonder off to our day to day struggles. Then suddenly, the gloom around us, the negative news, disturbing events and the unending quest for happiness all pull for our attention and with all these distractions, we drift away… sometimes, far far away. We forget who we are and forget that place called home. We may even experience an identity crisis and drift even further from our true selves.

There is something that makes us who we are at our very core. It could be words we were told when we were young, songs we sang at Sunday school, words of wisdom from our parents. Words meant to remind you of who you are and take you home when you stray; these are our “Ancient Words”. As a parent, one of my favourite words of wisdom comes from Proverb 22:6 (NKJV); “Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old, he will not depart from it”. There is comfort in knowing that when you do your part to instil the right values, even if a child departs at some point in life, the signpost will likely stir them back home.

Even if you grew up in an unstable home with no words to hold unto as your anchor but got a daily serving of words that drove you farther from home; if you made it to this point and can read this article, I have great news for you. You can take charge of your life and recreate a new world around you. Change the pattern and speak kind and uplifting words to yourself and to others around you. The Bible is an excellent place to look for words of life and hope. It’s a mirror of who you really should be and points you to your new home.

The Ancient Words are your soul’s map!

The Ancient words remain the same and are always relevant through the changing times and seasons of life. They are words that bring comfort, give hope, give light and life. Words that refresh you every morning, keeps you sane during the day and guides you to your place of rest every evening.

Lost, Strayed or simply confused? Stop! take a deep breath and look for the sign that takes you home. And Hey! It may just be inside of you.

Note to Self – As the whole world stops, this is a good time to reflect on who you have become and if you have strayed, retrace your steps and return.

*For our international readers “one chance” is a Nigerian Euphemism for being played a fast one with your eyes wide open.

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Here is a link to the song for your listening pleasure:

Have a blessed week ahead!


  • Nancy Abraham

    Thank you for this. I really enjoy your writing style. Interesting and inspiring.

  • Ada

    Thanks for another beautiful article. It just made me reflect again on what my anchor and compass really is. As a ‘love doctor’ (my friends know how much of a love person that I am so they gave me the title lol) , my anchor is really based on God’s unfailing, unchanging and fierce love for me. This reminds me whenever I feel lost or alone, that He is with me, ready and willing to help me find my way back ‘home’.

    • Thank you for visiting…..Fierce love that leaves the 99 for the one

  • Bankofon

    This is a timely reminder to the saints.

  • Joy

    The bible is always a good road map when you feel lost in this fallen world.
    Thank you for write up.


    Awesome! I had a similar experience in Paris few years back. Roaming the street to find my hotel for close to 4 hours in the night. Till today, I couldn’t remember how Holy Spirit helped me. I strolled out of the hotel carelessly, and only involved Holy Spirit when I got lost. That is what we do most times. We all need to change. Thanks for the message- on point.

    • He is our very present help in times of trouble….Thank you for your comment

  • Affiong John

    Great and inspiring write up. The sign post that Leads to the hotel room, reminds me of looking unto Jesus, our roadmap to heaven. There’s no better place like home! God bless you my beloved Pastors.
    Good job!!!

    • Great Analogy that really points us to our eternal home. Thank you

  • Ima ima


  • CEOkoye

    This is very insightful…thank you so much.

  • Pato

    Ancient words are ever true indeed- ‘Soul GPS’. Keep up the work Thelma and Idorenyin.

  • Aduduabasi Ette Michael

    “Home” is like a beacon. No matter where one is, “Home” shapes our thoughts, guides our path and soothes our hearts when troubled.
    GOD bless you for the write up.

  • Walter Ajogbor

    Soothing and inspirational. Refreshing stories that resonates. You will never loose track of your roots.

  • manfredudoh

    So touching, God bless you

  • Razaq Obe

    What an instructive soul tonic for this precarious season!

    • Thank you for reading our post. We are glad that you found it instructive.

  • Toosh Baba

    “Soul map”…that does it for me. Thank you!

  • Isang Christopher

    It touches my soul🙏

  • Jide Dina

    First time I really took my time to read your article, it was quite refreshing and words of hope.

  • Emily Jackson

    Very inspiring

  • Ayara Lucky

    Great words for the season.
    More grace to you.

    • Thank you very much. Don’t forget to tell a friend too

  • Chioma Abili

    I love this!very inspiring

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